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I know I don’t have a lot of followers here on tumblr but I’m hopi g the ones I do have will help me share this around.

This morning my truck was stolen from out in front of my apartment. I have a full time job but don’t have enough saved to buy a new truck outright, let alone make payments. Just trying to do whatever I can to get mobile again. Thank you guys.


I’m sick of being single and sick of being dicked around. If you want me, say so. Skip the small talk over coffee trying to fake chemistry. I’m over it.

couldn’t agree more. Do or don’t. I hate being back burnered. If i ask a straight up question, i want a straight up answer. If i ask about “us” and you hesitate, im through.


Anonymous asked:

there's this guy that i've really liked for a while and he used to like me too, but now he has a girlfriend and everytime i see him i just wanna jump on his cock. even if he didnt have a girlfriend i wouldn't know how to ask him out or anything. HEELLLLPPP MEEEEEEE!!!!! :(:(:(


ok so im gonna look like a bitch, but dont do anything about it

he’s in a relationship, and he’s happy in it. dont mess around with his life or his feelings because it will burn you ok

people seem to think i have a thing for a guy with a girlfriend, and even though i dont, people still make up the most ridiculous, hurtful rumours about me

trust me, wait until him and his girlfriend break up ok, it will benefit you more if you’re not the “boyfriend stealing” girl. if you show interest for him, you will be labelled

im really sorry i wish i could tell you to go for him, but its really a touchy subject and you need to let him go until hes single

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Hey ladies AND gentlemen, this is sound advice! Knock that shit off.

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